Let Freedom Ring {Fourth of July, Part 4}

The next morning we got a later start and went to Frederick, Maryland. Frederick is known for its antique shops and Kathy and Pat like to go antiquing. After walking around for a while, we headed out to the countryside to stop at a couple of wineries. Stephen and I have done some wine tasting in Virginia but haven’t tried Maryland. I found a couple of interesting places for us to try. Kathy likes sweeter wines than Stephen and I typically drink but I was able to find some unique places that I thought she would like and that we probably wouldn’t try on our own.



Our first stop was Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery. Orchid Cellar is known for its meads which are kind of like wines made with honey. The meads are sweeter than your typical wine. It was definitely an interesting experience and each mead had its own unique taste.


Our next stop was Distillery Lane Ciderworks. Obviously, from the name, this is a place that makes ciders. Again, it was really interesting to try all of the different types of ciders.  The taste of each cider depends on what apples are used to make it: some were crisper and some were sweeter.

That night, we had dinner at our apartment and enjoyed having time to just chat with each other.

The next day was Monday, July 7th and it was time for us to say goodbye to our guests. But not without one final tour!

President Lincoln's cottage.

President Lincoln’s cottage.

For our last tour of the weekend, we took a tour of President’s Lincoln cottage. President Lincoln’s cottage is located in DC but it is not readily accessible by Metro. This is the place where President Lincoln (and other presidents) generally stayed during the summer instead of living at the White House. Because of the humidity in DC during the summer, former presidents would live at the cottage during the summer. The cottage is up on a hill so there are more breezes that flow through and around the cottage.


The cottage is referred to as President Lincoln’s cottage because he spent the most time there, including the summers during the Civil War.

President Lincoln developed the Emancipation Proclamation while living here at the Soldiers’ Home in Washington, DC. Lincoln’s time here bookends the Civil War–he first visited the grounds three days after his inauguration and last rode out to the site the day before his assassination. While living at the Cottage for 13 months from 1862-1864, Lincoln regularly commuted to the White House. 

While the house is pretty bare bones (there is no real furniture to speak of), the tour itself is interesting. The tour has all kinds of multi-media type experiences. In certain rooms, there would be audio of some of Lincoln’s speeches or letters. The tour is really centered around letting you see and hear about Lincoln and how the cottage served as a way for him to ‘escape’ downtown DC.

All of us with a life-size statue of President Lincoln and his horse.

All of us with a life-size statue of President Lincoln and his horse.

After our tour, I had to head to work and Kathy and Pat headed to the airport to go home to South Dakota. We really enjoyed having Kathy and Pat visit us for the 4th of July…besides getting to see them, we got to try several new things!


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